Meet the Doctor

Dr. Abhijit Nagendra Jinde
Dr. Abhijit Nagendra Jinde

At Ayurveda Herbal Corp., we are dedicated to having deep Ayurvedic knowledge to help guide us in formulating herbal products like Nidra. That’s why we work with Dr. Abhijit Nagendra Jinde, a practicing Ayurveda physician located in India. For the past six years, he has helped us develop our Nidra formulation and advised us on all things Ayurveda.

Dr. Jinde is passionate about providing Ayurveda-based solutions to his patients and our customers.

His Journey to Ayurveda

Inspired by his father, an allopathic pediatrician and general physician, Dr. Jinde was determined to pursue health and wellness as a career. But after seeing his father’s patients come in again and again for the same health issues, he began to wonder if allopathic medicine was the best path for him.

After spending time immersed in traditional Indian sciences like yoga, astrology, spirituality, and natural healing methods, Dr. Jinde determined that there was no single path to deliver prevention and cure for all diseases. He knew that there had to be a system to deliver the right treatment or medicine at the right stage of disease and for the right purpose, and it was then that he began to see Ayurveda as that solution.

He received his degree in Ayurveda studies from the University of Pune, with post-graduate work from one of the oldest Ayurvedic college in India: Utkal University.

Dr. Jinde places prime importance on preventing diseases and maintaining optimal health through proper diet and lifestyle regime, along with periodic detoxification. Understanding and dealing with emotions, too, plays a part in his treatment of patients.